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Junior Surf Carnivals

Whilst the Sunday junior surf sessions focus mainly on simply providing a safe and guided way for children to have fun the the beach environment while also teaching them basic beach/surf safety, Juniors also have the opportunity to compete in the  'Surf Sport' side of Surf Life Saving through local surf club carnivals throughout the summer and winter season.

Junior Surf sessions will often incorporate activities revolving around many of the 'surf sport' competition events, such as: board races, beach sprints and beach flags. However, if your child is particularly interested in seriously competing further competition coaching may be available. 

In the winter season, our junior and senior members have an opportunity to compete in the Top of the South Pool Champs. Events that you can participate in are:

  • Swim with Obstacles
  • Line Throws
  • Brick Carry
  • Mannequin Rescue 

Carnivals are a great way to develop their surf skills in a fun and competitive environment, experience other beaches and meet juniors from other clubs.

2018/2019 Local/Regional Carnival Dates

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