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Junior Surf Awards

We encourage children to have fun and develop their skills, so they can enjoy the beach and one day might be able to save someone else too.  It's about developing tomorrow's lifeguards and opening up a whole new world to children.

There are five achievement levels within the Junior Surf programme providing a managed pathway for children to gain confidence in the surf.

The award requirements are

Level 1 (age 7)

  • 25m pool swim
  • 25m open water swim
  • wading confident to waist depth
  • diving / bob under wave
  • body surfing / glide under wave
  • treading water for 20 seconds
  • run-wade-run (25m x 50m x 25m)
  • body board; catching a wave & paddling
  • theory questions (1-5)

Level 2 (age 8)

  • 50m pool swim
  • 50m open water swim
  • wading clear of knees at knee depth
  • diving / lie under wave
  • body surfing; catching a wave, stroke on wave
  • treading water for 30 seconds
  • run-wade-run (30m x 50m x 30m)
  • body board surfing; along a broken wave, diving under a wave and kneeling on board.
  • theory questions (1-9)

 Level 3 (age 9)

  • 100m pool swim
  • 100m open water swim
  • wading swim parallel to shore at knee depth, thigh depth with body board
  • diving under a wave
  • body surfing; catching unbroken wave, stroking on wave
  • treading water for 1 minute
  • run-wade-run (50m x 75m x 50m)
  • body boarding; achieving three of the following: surfing along an unbroken wave, going over the top of a wave on the way out, going under a wave, eskimo roll or a rescue
  • theory questions (6-13)

 Level 4 (age 10)

  • 200m pool swim under 7 minutes
  • 200m open water swim
  • diving under wave & pushing off
  • body surfing; swimming to catch a wave
  • treading water for 1 minute
  • run-wade-run (50m x 100m x 50m)
  • board paddling; kneeling, negotiating surf, turning, catching a wave & holding on
  • theory questions (10-17)

 Level 5 (age 11)

  • 200m pool swim under 5 minutes
  • 200m open water swim
  • diving under wave; 5 porpoise dives
  • body surfing; swimming to catch a wave & swimming along shoulder
  • tread water for 2 minutes then assistance required signal for 30 seconds
  • run-swim-run (50m x 100m x 50m)
  • board paddling; catching unbroken wave, turning around buoy, punching through white water, surfing along waves and changing direction & recovering from a wipe-out
  • theory questions (14-21)

 200m safety badge

  • Must satisfy both of the following
  • complete a 200m pool swim in less than 5 minutes + 1 minute treading water, and 
  • be assessed as confident in surf conditions
  • The 200m safety badge is a mandatory requirement to compete in any paddle board event (10 years and above)

Surf Life Saving Certificate (12/13 yrs)

  • minimum competence; achieved level 5 award
  • 200m pool swim under 4.5 minutes
  • run-swim-run (100m x 100m x 100m) in under 5 minutes
  • tow a patient in a rescue tube at least 30 meters in surf, rescuer must wear flippers
  • demonstrate the examination of a patient, the resuscitation of a patient using mouth-to-mouth expired air respiration only and the placing of the patient in the recovery position
  • theory questions (level 5 + additional 4 SLSC questions)