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About Us

The Rarangi Surf Club was formed in 1958 with the 1st meeting to look into starting the club held in an insurance office in Blenheim one March evening that year. The Club started patrolling at Rarangi Beach and members often walked over the rocks on a track to Whites Bay. Rarangi Beach is a black stone / pebble beach, where-as Whites Bay is a much nicer sandy beach. The Club had a section of land at Rarangi that was donated to them by Bernie Hipkins. On completion of the Port Underwood power transmission lines from Cook Strait and the formation of a gravel road from Rarangi to Whites Bay, the Club shifted to Whites Bay, the Rarangi land was sold and through working bees by the Members the present Club Rooms were built at Whites Bay. These Club Rooms were opened on 7 April 1968 by John Watt, Convener of the Club.

Throughout the 60's & 70's the Club struggled for members. The club was kept afloat by John Humphrey during the 70's & 80's. He was the Coach & bought the van to take Club members to Surf Carnivals & Championships. John died in 1990 after a long battle with muscular dystrophy.

After John's death, the Club basically folded, the Club house was taken over by squatters / itinerant workers, with gear, records and photos lost.

The Club has thankfully continued and now is stronger than ever with a new generation of Members. 

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